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It’s been said that “ideas that spread, ultimately win”.  So the right connections are really important. N7 is all about building tribes around your ideas, your passions, your projects and even the roles you play in life.

We are all multi-faceted individuals who have many things going on in our lives, so why not support the interesting ideas we concoct and treat them as independent entities and acknowledge that each might have a different tribe that we want to assemble around them.

For each idea, passionproject ... or role you play in your life, you create a card that represents it and use the N7 tools to locate and connect a tribe around it and then communicate your narratives with your card's tribe members. 

Each card is a self contained app within the app allowing you to focus on that one idea, passion or role and communicate with its tribe.

PLEASE NOTE: In the current implementation we expose the app's internal names for various component, FX we use the term 'concept' for an idea, passion, project or role. these will be changed as we find better names for them..

Getting Started

Install the app on your iPhone using Apple's TestFlight. When the app launches it will create a default concept which you should rename by selecting the avatar and then selecting 'Details'. Give it a title,  a tagline and a short alias and save.

(1) Always follow the 'N7 Beta Release' concept from one of your concepts: Select your concepts avatar, then select search and search for 'help'. Tap and hold the 'N7 Beta Release' in the list and follow this concept. You can ask questions using messaging (timeline or direct) and see updates and information on its blogs. You will also find a link to this page and other future documentation on this concept.

(2) New Messages and Blog Posts. Please that there is no notification service enabled as yet for messaging nor blog posts so we do it the old fashioned way -- pull to refresh.  

Also you can enable to see the blog posts from concepts your concept is following in your concept's blog panel. This is enabled in the blog options screen.

(3) Understand the following / followed-by model:  Information flows from a concept to its followers. If you follow someone that doesn't necessarily mean that you can message them directly or write on their timeline.  If they follow you back or send you a direct message or enable their followers to send direct messages, then you can communicate directly with the concept you are following. They can also enable their followers (all or individually) to write on their timeline.

(4) Recovery Keys. During this beta project (and when the app goes live) it's important to add recovery keys so if you need to delete the app (or change iPhone) you can recover your data from our servers. 

Select Avatar > More > Recovery Keys and define your recovery keys. Select save


Concepts represents an idea, a passion, a project ...or role you play in life (actor, filmmaker, Taekwon-Do coach, art dealer, impact entrepreneur etc). 

You create a card to represent each your concepts, Each concept is defined in terms of a label, a tagline, an alias and some searchable tags.

Concepts can follow other concepts and engage with these using the communication tools each card provides for its concept (messaging, blog, ...etc).

Concepts can be private or public (default) but only public concepts can be searched.


Navigation controls on the front page of your concept's card:

  • Tap on avatar to bring up menu options for configuring your concept, searching for other concepts etc.
  • Tap on tagline to expose a longer tagline.
  • Tap on (+) to add a new concept.
  • Swipe right or left to see your individual concepts.
  • Double tap to see the tools each concept provides for you to communicate with that concept's tribe.

Searching for concepts ( Avatar > Search ) and navigating the interface: 


Viewing and navigating a found concept (not following):


Navigating our hierarchy of concepts::


Navigate back to concept's front page or show hidden bottom tab panels::



Each concept allows the user to define a set of tags that is core to matching members of your concept's tribe.

Each concept can have a public about page that is visible to all other concepts irrespective of if they are following that concept or not. You can extract tags from this page and add to you concept's collection of tags.

Each concept can be virtually pinned to any geographical location and be discovered when other's are in that physical location or when searching virtual locations with the app.


Search for concepts using tags associated with each concept.

Tags are important if you want your concept to be found and connected to likeminded.

Search for:

  • Individual tag
  • Multiple tags (comma separated)
  • Regular expression
  • Phrase

In the resulting list of concepts you can:

  • Tap concept to see details
  • Tap and hold to follow concept

Following a concept allows you to read their blogs and timeline. Once you receive a direct message from the followed concept you can reply.

If the followed concept has been configured appropriately, you could also initiate direct messages to the followed concept and send messages to its timeline.

FOllowING (Unfollow)

The following screen (select Avatar > Following) shows a list of concepts that this concept is following. Select an entry to see it's card or swipe an entry to the left to unfollow that concept.

If you select the icon next to the menu item 'Following' then each followed concept is shown in a page view format, swiping left or right will show you next or previous concept this concept is following.


The followed-by screen (select Avatar > Followed By) shows a list of concepts that is following this concept. As we don't keep a list of concepts that are following us so you need to query for concepts. Use tag list to limit your search.



Resources Collections contains one or more resources, each resource can be an

  • Reference to an external webpage.
  • Embedded video from a webpage.
  • Embedded image from a webpage. 
  • Embedded HTML.
  • Markdown formatted text.
  • Raw HTML.
  • Reference to a public concept your app knows about (following, followed-by or search results).

Each resource collection is represented as a tab panel on the reverse side of the concept's card (where all the tools are located) .

This is a fast and easy way to build content for your concept.

Each concept can have one or more resource collections (tab panel) and each collection have one or more resources


externally SHARING

Sharing concepts externally with others via social media, websites or other messaging apps is easy and safe.

Double-tap with two digits on the front page of any of your concepts and select an share option from the menu option or select 'Create and Edit New Share' for more options including a specific expiry date & time and a password protected access to the shared concept.

Save the shared concept and the paste the launch URL into your destination app, social media or website.. Once the receiver has installed the app and selects the launch URL the shared concept is shown the referenced concepts section and receiver can choose to follow this concept.

The menu option 'Shared' contains the external concept shares a user has created and all  external concept shares received from others.

Existing created shared concepts can be edited and re-saved updating the parameters for the share.

internal sharing

Internally sharing concepts to another N7 user is achieved by adding a reference to the concept in a message. You can send a reference to any public concept you have a reference to found in the following, followed-by, or search lists.

Start by typing @ in a message and select the referenced concept you want to pass on.  The receive taps and holds on the message and selects the  'Reference Concept Details' menu option. The referenced concept is then displayed as a card.

The receiver can then choose to follow the concept by tap and hold on the top of the received concept's card.

RecoverY KEYS

During this beta project (and when the app goes live) it's important to add recovery keys so if you need to delete the app (or change iPhone) you can recover your data from our servers.

Select Avatar > More > Recovery Keys and define your recovery keys. Select save.