Michael Løfquist is a Danish born writer, photographer, filmmaker, and prolific traveller. Educated in Denmark and Ireland, he has worked, studied or resided in numerous countries around the world. 

Combining his passion for travel and foreign cultures Michael has produced several visceral photoessays from Cuba, China and Japan. A lengthy photographic journey across China to and around Xinjiang’s Taklamakan Desert resulted in a thirty minute travelogue of exceptional imagery and impressions from this troubled region.

Michael produced and directed a documentary exploring the aftermath of one of Argentina’s human rights calamities: the kidnapping of four hundred childrenof those tortured and killed by the 1976-83 military dictatorship. The story is about two individuals, who more than twenty years later discovered their true identities and the fate of their missing parents the ‘desaparecidos’, juxtaposed against testimonies of other victims.

In recent years Michael has written numerous feature length scripts - two of which focus on East meets West themes. His ‘Sayonara Pelle’ screenplay is going through its fund raising phase under the direction of a joint Australian and Japanese production team with Michael slated as the film’s director.

Most recently he has written and directed two short films set in Japan, both in Japanese, dealing with similar themes of loneliness.  

‘‘Hikikomori’ (the recluse), a twenty eight minute dark comedy, explores the consequences of a despondent young man who decides to isolate himself, becominga ‘Hikikomori’ or social recluse. His solitude soon turns to utter misery and despair as he engages in discourse with imaginary characters who show up in his mind and in his room. 

Michael spends time innovating technology as a means to finance his passion in filmmaking and divides his time between San Francisco and Tokyo whenever possible.


Roaming the Taklamakan Desert (free iBook)

Urban Ennui (free iBook)